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Initiative against child accidents.


Many partners support the KFV in order to make Austria safer for children.

„Dangers to children are ubiquitous, as children are not yet able to assess risk correctly and lack an awareness of danger. It is therefore our responsibility to protect the youngest members of our society.“

Dr. Louis Norman-Audenhove, Secretary General of VVO

„Children want to explore the world, they are curious and want to have fun. For toddlers in particular, exploration can end in an accident. Safety measures are therefore particularly important in order to avoid accidents.“

Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, Chief Physician of the Austrian Red Cross

"In my view, we should do all we can in order to make life even safer for children and to prevent accidents. Because every accident is one too many!"

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Lars-Peter Kamolz,
Head of the Clinical Department for Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery LKH-Univ. Klinikum Graz Hospital

„Children need freedom to discover and explore. But they also need a good rope partner who will catch them if they lose their foothold!“

Prof. Peter Habeler, extreme mountaineer

„When the lives of children are at stake, there can be no compromises in terms of safety.“

The late extreme athlete and Pilot Hannes Arch has been a passionate supporter concerning all matters of child safety.