Initiative against child accidents.

Child accidents are preventable!

No child killed by an accident in Austria by 2020 - this is the ambitious objective of the initiative „Vision Zero 2020“ created by the KFV (Austrian Road Safety Board) in 2014. In accordance with the motto "Full attention - Zero accidents!", child accidents are to be reduced in all areas of life. Through specific prevention solutions, creative ideas, exciting content and an alliance with cooperation partners, Austria is - increasingly - becoming a child-safe area.

For example, over 450 children have already learnt how to swim with KFV safety expert Helmi. The homes of over 100 socially vulnerable families have been fitted with the appropriate child-safety equipment. More than 10,000 traffic safety campaigns have been carried out across Austria. At the KFV safety fair, around 2,500 families were consulted on child safety matters and more than 2,500 media reports, in conjunction with numerous renowned partners and supporters, contributed towards education and the targeted dissemination of information.

Yet child mortality as a result of accidents in Austria remains at a rate of 20 fatalities per 1 million children under the age of 15, which is 20 percent higher than in Sweden, for example, where the rate is 16 (in 2011). There is also a high number of children who live with severe permanent damage caused by accidents. On average, one child under the age of 15 is involved in an accident every three minutes in Austria; every two weeks, a child dies as a result of an accident. This makes accidents one of the most frequent causes of death and serious physical damage in children and young people. Simple safety measures could help to prevent up to 100,000 child accidents annually.

"Exploring and discovering the world is the mission of children. As adults, it is our mission to accompany them and to create a safe environment where they can do this."

Dr. Othmar Thann, Director of KFV and Founder of Vision Zero 2020